Friday, 13 July 2007

Poetry Friday

I don't know how it all got started but I would like to start getting into the habbit of celebrating Poetry Fridays. I just purchased Cracks in the Sidewalk by Crystal Bowman after using many of her poems in my classroom for years. It's such fun to celebrate authors that are locally connected to me. Cystal Bowman lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I live in Holland. I purchased this book on Amazon. It's a used hardcover in excellent condition AND signed by the author! I thought I would take a poem from her for my first poetry post.

I chose this first post in honor of my dog, Poppy. She's a black cocker spaniel puppy (7 months). I tried to take her out for a jog this morning. We only got around the block before she started heading back to my cottage. I am going to try to take her a little further each morning.

The Walk
By Crystal Bowman

Every day at three o'clock
I walk my dog around the block
He chases birds and bumblebees
And barks at butterflies and trees

I feel the wind against my face,
Walking at our rapid pace.
I wave at neighbors passing by
But seldom stop for their reply.

I huff and puff and try to keep up
Walking the block with my frisky pup.
We go so fast we almost zoom.
I'm just not sure who's walking whom.


Jen Barney said...

Love the picture on your post & love the poem....

Sarah Amick said...

Poetry Friday is the best. I love to do the round-ups too! Don't you just love dogs?