Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Art of Teaching With Grace

What a strange couple of weeks it has been. So much has been going on at school and home. It has been very powerful to learn from the amazing outpouring of positive energy resulting from the recent diagnosis of my art teacher's eye cancer. She will be going into surgery tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her surrounding loved ones.

It has been amazing to see how she has taken this awful experience and continue to teach. She has used Facebook, her adult and student blog and You Tube to share this personal experience with others who care about her. It has been an incredible opportunity to use the latest technology in such a meaningful way to communicate with others.

I am awed by her strength and energy as she teaches us all with grace and beauty.


Claudia said...

Dear Sarah,

Thank you. You are too in my inner circle. Why in the world would I ever keep you out? After all, you do have the best hair of any of us. Tell the girls I send my love, and I send it to you, my friend.


Susan said...

Wow, she sounds like quite a class act.

:-) Susan

Susan said...

I wanted to add that I went to your Art Teacher's blog and I was amazed. Do you live in Holland too?? My son is going to school at Hope next year.

Best to you,