Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I want to be a writer. Don't think I'm referring to the kind of writer who is publishing books and sitting all day in agony waiting for one line to jump onto the page. I want to write the way I read - every day. On a daily basis I long to read. There are about three books right now sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to devour them. It's easy to be a reader. There are so many opportunities to read. The opportunities to write are endless. This makes is a bit more complicated to pick something to write about, to have a reason to write. I enjoy blogging about school. Teaching and learning is something I am doing as my job. It's easy to write about what you have done. But, what other reasons are there for me to write? How can I keep all my writing organized. I do love to write on the computer. Should I be keeping a virtual notebook? I do have Microsoft OneNote and Agilix GoBinder. These two programs offer excellent ways to organize my ideas. Each summer I seem to flock to them to write up ideas for teaching. So far I can think of a few different categories I could create to contribute to on a daily basis.

1. Journal about each of my children

2. Summer Stories

3. Teaching Stories

4. Teaching Ideas (possible posts for my blog)

5. Reading Reflections

6. Lists of books I want to read

7. Lists of writing ideas

8.Lists of people who are resources to me for different reasons


Sarah Amick said...

Sarah, I think that you are gaining momentum. If you are going to write it should be daily. If you desire to write it should be about anything you want to do. Perhaps to get you started you can do a "daily page." This would be a place for you to write daily and then pull small moments to write about within that framework. Trust me, once you are bored from your daily pages you will want to write something a little more interesting.
I know that just picking a noun helps me, or a place... the possiblities are endless. Practice a craft from a writer you are currently reading. Do they use repetition, do they rely heavily upon setting, how do they depict the characters?
The key is to just read and write... a lot!
Keep us posted!

Sarah Amick said...

Hey, do you ever visit the Two Writing Teachers? They have a lot of great ideas for writing. I like to hop over there a lot and then I get some ideas for writing on my own. There is a link on my site. Visit it and you might find something that inspires you.