Saturday, 27 December 2008

Writing More Than One Piece at a Time

This is my first experience with writing something over time I really care about. It's interesting that I care about it so much, I don't always feel inspired to add to it, but I know I need to write daily. So, I started something else. Then the second piece became my "just for fun" piece and I didn't feel so stressed that it was not perfect. It was amazing how writing the second one was still an outlet for creativity, yet not one that I cared for more than getting ideas down in words. I wonder what implications this thinking has for the way I teach writing in the classroom. I suppose I feel like kids need some guided writing opportunities and free writing opportunities going on at all times. They should be challenged to write in a way modeled for them, whether it be a specific type of writing or genre. But, also, they need to know their own personal voice, whatever this may be, is valued in the classroom just as their own choice for reading is valued. I also know now what it feels like to need to stop in the middle of an unfinished piece and dabble in something else for a while. Humf? Who knew?

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