Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Snow Day Surprise

RING! The phone in my kitchen made me jump. A big smile spread across my face when I saw Mrs. deForest's name on the caller ID. I knew what she was going to say before I picked up the phone.
"Hello?" I cheerfully answered.
"Hello, school is cancelled for tomorrow, Mrs. Parker," Mrs de happily announced.
"YES!" I celebrated. "I will call Mrs. Sale." Then I slammed down the phone and danced around the kitchen singing, "We don't have scho- ol. We don't have scho-ol!" My girls all screamed in delight!

The next morning Mr. Parker was so nice to let me sleep in. He got up early to take Poppy out (she went to the bathroom on the porch because there was too much snow!) He watched a Kansas basketball game while I snuggled under the covers until 7:45.

I got up and peeked through my blinds into my backyard shaking my head in disbelief. For the next two hours I sipped my warm coffee with happy wiggling toes while watching the news cover the Blizzard of 2011.

After getting sick of the TV, I decided to go up to my office and see what other people were posting on Facebook. I wondered if I should try and add a forum on Moodle for my students. So, I logged in and started clicking around still trying to figure out what I was doing. SUDDENLY, I looked in the corner of the screen and noticed something that was absolutely shocking. There was a message! Haley's name was in the corner next to a little icon of an envelope.

"No, way!" I shouted aloud to the empty room. One of my kiddos was online waiting for me to set up the forum so she could write her fable! I was stunned. I was overwhelmed. I was thrilled!

Immediately, I logged onto the school server and sent an email out to all the families in my class to let them know to use Moodle for learning today!

After I did this, I came back to the Moodle site and saw Ansley was on, too! No way! I thought. This is so crazy. Quickly I figured out how to post more forums for the kids. Now, I'm just going to spend the rest of the day wiggling my toes in my pajamas. I get to listen to John Mayer, watch the snow fall and teach from my cozy little office as I watch the flakes fly! Being a teacher in the year 2011 does have it's perks.

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