Monday, 26 March 2012

Call to Action continues

After my post yesterday, I realize the call to action is one that adults can take and model for young people.  We have more resources and time than they do.  Looking for how I am called to act in my life might be one way to see how I am beginning to serve others more.

Right now, I am coaching the Girls on the Run program with third and fourth grade students at my school.  I am trying to help girls see the importance of healthy choices and the way it can impact their lives.  I think this is a step toward helping youth see the importance of taking ownership of their choices.  They obviously can't be called to act without an awareness of their own actions.  Making our youth mindful of their actions, no matter how small, might be how I can intervene and model at this time in my life.

Another way I am trying to be involved in the call to action is through participation in a Justice team at my church.  I am doing a book study called Half the Sky in hopes that I can engage with others who need my support in a sensitive and compassionate way.

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Dana said...

I've heard great things about Girls on the Run. Fantastic that you are coaching a group!