Friday, 23 March 2012


I like it when I have a theme in my life to focus on.  Right now, that theme would be staying frugal with my choices:  money, calories, time, work.  In reaching for balance I find myself constantly working toward the "less is more model." But, out culture is so obsessed with more of everything.  It's hard to fight against the flow of consumption.

We celebrated by husband and daughter's birthdays this week.  I have to say, it was one of the best and most memorable in years.  What made it so special?  Time together.  Not only did we hang out at a beach and have a picnic, we also included some friends spontaneously.  It was beautiful.  There was laughter and talking, jumping over waves and witnessing an incredible sunset.  All was provided for free!  I wasn't caught up in buying presents (my daughter and husband wouldn't let me.)  There wasn't an expensive meal.

Now I just have to apply this philosophy to my eating and work out habits.


Jaana said...

Your last line is great!! I too can plan a cheap/free day but eating and work outs.....i too need some more work in those areas.

elsie said...

When you can find joy in the company surrounding you, you don't need big fancy meals. It sounds like a great birthday for both. I need to keep frugal in mind.

The King Zoo said...

And your memories will last so much longer than anything you could have bought. We're trying to learn this but I feel like I'm constantly battling unnecessary "stuff" in my schedule, in my house, in my body, etc. Baby steps, right?