Monday, 2 April 2012

On the Road: Deep in my head

Luxury.  This is the only word to describe today.  I feel like the ultimate spoiled person.  The run, the pool, the nap, the dinner: these are all things I did today in my parent's retired utopia.  Just to have a week to do this, is a treasure.  More than the experience is the people I appreciate.  My parents, my husband, my children:how lucky am I to have this opportunity?  I didn't slice for the last two days because I was on the road.  Now, I have reached my destination and I am in a land of the unplugged.

I have loved slicing so much this month.  I have tried to do as many as I could.  Here are some of the great benefits of writing in this community:
I write for an audience.
I get to read other writers.
I have discovered other writers with similar goals that I have.
People share my passion and interest.  This makes me feel like I am not alone.

Thanks for all the support.  I want to continue and write as much as my schedule allows.

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