Sunday, 21 October 2012

Out of the Weeds

It's the middle of October.  There's a lot to celebrate.  For the first time in 17 years of teaching, I started a year fulfilling my own expectations.  Going back to teaching first grade to start looping again has been a wonderful fresh start for me.  The kids are starting to work independently.  They are making progress.  They are learning with joy!  So, I am taking time to celebrate and reflect.  But, instead of looking back, I'm looking forward.  In order to maintain my joy in teaching it is necessary for me to make some adjustments here.  While I love my job, being an excellent teacher requires honing learning skills from within.  This means allowing myself time for learning.   I have put into place a few outlets for my learning; one being a teacher support group for reading workshop.  During the month of October my goal is to write more.  Here is a silly little chant I wrote for my kiddos.

This is a chant we recite while getting ready for reading workshop.

Books in a stack
Chairs back to back.
Now we can read
After we've had snack.

Put your finger under the text.
Think about what will happen next.
Read to yourself,
Then read to a friend,
Using chunks and consonant blends.

Talk about characters,
Retell, too.
Get your brain ready for something new.

Special thanks goes to my supportive ten year old.  The last line in the lyrics belong to her.  I hope to keep saying this with joy every day continuing to inspire my readers and myself.

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