Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Connections with Kiddos Over the Summer

Well,  so far I have been able to connect (through our class blog) with about four of my 21 kids.  It is so hard to just let them go.  But, I did try something new this year.  I sent my kids home with a bag of books.  I am afraid the books were a little too hard.  So, I hope their parents are not freaking out.  I just couldn't imagine the kids not having the access to books like they do in the classroom.  They read from their book boxes every day.  It was really important to me they felt reading could continue at home just like they read at school.

After report cards are done I think I am going to start sending emails to parents to see how the school/summer transition is going.  Just getting in touch with them might be an opportunity to help support parents with questions and learning at home.

I'll cross my fingers!

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