Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hanging on

There are days we can scarcely believe how lucky we are.  Others we can barely hold on.  There are so many positives and negatives happening simultaneously right now, I can give myself over to neither.  They have each cancelled each other out.  I'm left with my faith and trust.  Which is all I truly need.  Yet, I continue to ask for more, claim I need more, selfishly want more.  Right now, I feel as though I want a sedative.  Most of us grab a glass of wine to deaden the pain.  Part of me knows it is critical to push through it.  So, I choose to stay awake, metaphorically awake.  I hope and hope and hope for hope.

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Elisa Waingort said...

Hi Sarah,
Whatever you're going through right now, hang in there. Take lots of deep breaths. Take a walk. Drink water. Meditate. It too shall pass.