Tuesday, 18 March 2014

In it

You know when you are in it - living life fully during whatever it is you are experiencing?  Well today, I was in it.  It wasn't very good.  It wasn't fun.  It was sad and heartbreaking and real.  But I let myself be in it.  I didn't wish it away.  There was a lot of grief and darkness there.  Accepting the pain felt different though.  Safety was part of the dark place, oddly enough.  Later, when circumstances changed, as they often do in lives with teenagers, there was freedom from the darkness and light.  The lift was palpable.  There was even some happy dancing.  You bet. . . I let myself be in it.


Amy Boyden said...

"Safety was a part of the dark place". What a realization, thanks for being in it, and then sharing today. Here's to darkness and dancing.

Julie said...

What a perfect post. Your description of being present in the moment is raw, beautiful, and inspiring.