Sunday, 13 April 2014

You can do it, teachers!

This is my cheerleader post!  We know its going to be busy.  We know it's like starting all over at the beginning of the year.  Kids get excited, with longer days, more time outside to play.  Thank goodness.  With the winter we had, should there be any complaints?  I think not!  What if we were as thrilled to welcome the spring and the warm weather as our students?  So. . . let's take on this time of the year with joy!  Let those little minds fill us with the energy we need to make it fun!  Relish the creativity and the wonder.  Learn along side them.  Pull up a chair and ask questions, "What made you think that?"  Guide their wonder.  Use all the energy we saved up during this long winter to let our learning communities explode with enthusiasm.  We are the experts.  Don't let the masses discourage you by picking apart the joy in learning to diagnose every little test question.  Yes, reflection is important.  Yes, we need to look at data.  Let's make sure we focus our energy on the right data, the data that will give us the biggest bang for our buck!  There is still so much yet to discover.  Instead of going out with a fizzle, go out with a bang!

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