Wednesday, 18 June 2014

School's Out: So How Come I Can't Stop Learning?

I must be mad.  There was a week of moving my classroom.  Yet, here I am taking a class, blogging, reading articles, reading books.  I can't stop myself.  There are so many people I don't have time to follow during the school year.  Now, is the time.  I know it won't last forever.  It never does.  But, I have really missed writing about my learning.  There has been other writing getting done, just different writing.  Over the last two years challenging myself to develop a deeper relationship with God has steered me in the direction of writing as reflection and prayer.  This is a new kind of writing for me, a new genre, if you will.  It's powerful and personal and transformational.  But, like everything else we learn to do, we need to dig in hard with all we have, then pull back and look for balance.  Maybe everyone else doesn't do it this way.  Maybe this is just the way I do it.

As I continue to grow wiser (not older, right - who needs that?) my hope is to continue to find balance in my writing as in everything I do.  I guess its wise to notice that life doesn't work that way - in perfect balance.  Life is an ever changing unpredictable journey.  We just have to trust we are doing the best we can with what we know now and what we have in front of us.  Otherwise we are doomed to live in the world of what ifs.  But, that's not really living, is it? 

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