Sunday, 5 August 2007

Marriage Meme

This is the second time I have been tagged. I feel so Web 2.0. Even though I like to do most of my posts about school, I think it is important to have a well-balanced life. Maybe, if I say that enough it will become my reality.

Mark and I were married June 30, 1995. This is our 12th year of marriage and we have been told we have a wonderful relationship. Since I am currently waiting for him to return from a weekend away, this is the perfect time for me to be doing this.

1. We are best friends. When we met on his 21st birthday at school, we couldn't stop talking. Talking in the car on trips are the best because the kids are strapped in! When our kids were little, I can remember going for drives just to talk. It helped if everyone fell asleep too!

2. We give each other room to grow together and separately. Mark is a triathlete and a photographer. After our girls got past the baby stage, it was time to rediscover who we were apart from being parents. I encourage him to spend time on his passions. Even though, I sometimes complain about the Sunday morning rides. He is a talented athlete and creative eccentric. I never know what's coming out of the guy's mouth. This is one of the reasons I married him. He makes me think. Right now he is returning from his first half iron man. He has been working toward this goal for a year. I just started running, and although I have no desire to do a triathalon, I imagine all the hours he works to keep myself going.

3. We work things out. Both of us take the time to share our frustrations and concerns. Even if he doesn't know what I am talking about because I'm so emotional.

4. We compromise.

5. We show our kids we love each other. We model a loving, reciprocal relationship.

6. We challenge each other when we are "out of line." We keep each other in check.

7. We try to make time for fun together. We need to do this more. Our first ten years were full of three kids, four houses, a home business, a master's degree and three jobs. I can't wait to travel more together, visit museums, go to concerts and performances, make new friends together!


Sarah Amick said...

Thanks for playing. It is nice to get to know you better and then see you professionally, we see what drives you! I like "we let our kids see we love each other." That is so important. Seeing that example is important!
Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Amick said...

Amick is long A and then mick(like Mickey Mouse) That is so strange. My maiden name was Ford.
I went from people making fun of the car themed name to people not knowing how to pronounce my name.