Friday, 3 August 2007

Poetry Friday

August Light

The sunlight rains on my magazine
Dripping, sliding, moving shadows
And I rock

Overhead the flag snaps and rolls
the birds song goes on for several verses
before it changes its tune
And I rock

Sweet grass tickles my nose
Then the hose water splashes over the garden.
And I rock

Cold liquid condenses on the outside
of the glass
that rests
on the edge
of the rail
And I rock

God Bless this August light


Sarah Amick said...

Sarah- this is lovely. It reminds me of my grandfather's sun porch. It had an old metal glider, laundry hanging close by, and hummingbird feeders on each corner. It was lovely.

Sarah Amick said...

Hey, I tagged you for meme #2. It is really not educational. It could be fun though to stop the swirl in your beginning school brain!

Mary Lee said...

AHHHHhhhhh...I was there, rocking with you. I could smell the water on the garden -- hints of basil and tomato and marigold, and the plants sighing with relief.

eve said...

I've tagged you on 8 random facts meme