Thursday, 6 September 2007

Here We Go!

Well the first week is about under my belt and I'm exhausted, but happy. There is so much I have to be thankful for. First, I am thankful my three girls, my husband and I have made the transition "Back to School". My husband got this shot on the way to the bus stop on the first day. You can see the backs of my three girls and my next door neighbor. Suzy, the youngest, is in kindergarten. I think she is getting used to it. My other two are thrilled with their teachers and their classmates. These comforts instill great ease in my heart.

As a teacher, I am overwhelmed with all of the silly details and loving looking eye-to-eye with these new personalities. "I love you as my teacher" were the words out of one of my little mouths today. It tells me I am doing everything right to make their learning environment warm and homey. I am going to have to take some time this weekend to record all of the things I did this week that I want to remember to do every year.

It has been a slow start with the heat. Today I only had to bump two things from the schedule into tomorrow. The children have been patient and polite. We started brainstorming positive behaviors we all want in our room. "Be kind, be truthful and respect other's space" were some of the suggestions. I can tell with this group, it's going to be a joy to come in each day.

My students already love Gooney Bird Greene and writing to each other without talking in their dialogue journals. It is a challenge to give them daily feedback in their work. I already feel behind.

I have so many parents using email, I am going to try to send my newsletter by email for the first time tomorrow. There are about four students who will need to bring home a paper copy. (I get to save some trees!)

I sent some technology goals to my principal and my technology director. I'm looking forward to using Moodle for students and parents. I think it will be a huge motivator for children and adults to collaborate and learn together.

There are so many wonderful possibilities. Thank you for those of you who are posting comments. I appreciate having the feedback. And for all of you teachers out there - here we go!


Jen Barney said...

Congrats on a new year!

Sarah Amick said...

What a sweet picture. We are here when you need us!