Sunday, 26 October 2008


How many thoughts are missed when I do not make the choice to take the time and see the gifts surrounding me? How much time do I have in a day to take away from my teaching to give back to myself? I know I am a dedicated educator. All of my reflective skills have been honed through the practice of teaching. But, now, I think it is time to let those reflective skills venture outside of the classroom and into my daily life. Through writing, I can explore ideas further than an image, a moment, a comment made by another. Taking the time to explore is what will take more time. I have managed to bring reading into my daily life. In the last six months, running has become a priority. My next goal will be taking the time to write. Like other struggles in my life I can talk and talk and talk about something. "Actions speak louder than words" I wish I could put this on a sticky note that hangs from my forehead to remind me every day. I suspect the inner road trip will provide more joy, renewal, release and wisdom than I can even comprehend.

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