Thursday, 27 November 2008

Keeping Track of my Learning as I Learn to Teach about Learning

What a struggle all this information is in my head. How can I organize my thoughts? According to my colleague, I am a digital immigrant and not a digital native like my students will be and my own children are. I feel like I am constantly translating my linear thinking into a new framework, flowchart, web-like reality. I want to promote change in my school and my district at the same time pushing myself to go further in my own learning and the way I teach in the classroom. I think there are many people who think that because we teach lower elementary there are not going to be significant changes to the way we teach. I can imagine the teachers in early childhood thinking that web 2.0 possibilities could not possibly effect classroom instruction, assessment or their own learning for that matter. It does feel like jumping off a cliff into the unknown in many ways. So how can we stay grounded to our research based best practices and expand them into this new way of thinking, working, living?

I like the way Dean Groom has organized his thinking about teaching and learning on his blog. It is giving me a model. First, looking at his blog has given me a structure for how to record my thinking. I want to reflect in a purposeful and authentic way for future use for myself and possibly other educators. I want to record the authentic projects I create for my classroom. Dean Groom has created a visual file cabinet of his ideas. Why can't I start this way?

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