Monday, 20 December 2010

Professional Development of the Future in Education

What if there were an actual position for a teacher to teach other teachers about best practice of integrating technology into the classroom? The grassroots way will be the only way for teachers to embrace and integrate new teaching ideas. They will listen to other teachers who do not serve the agenda of the state or the district. Teachers will listen to other teachers who know what is going on in the classroom. Teachers are the only people who understand how and why to make it all work. It means making the best choices for the students in your room at the time. Only teachers can make these decisions based on their observations.

Right now, a dear friend and collegue of mine is working with a group of other educators in the Detroit area. I'm sure they are on the right track. This group is collectively developing a plan to help teachers learn more. The only thing they need now is time. The general public doesn't seem to understand that many teachers are using all their free time in the summer and on weekends to stay ahead of the curve in the most up to date strategies and learning practices. The ideas this group of teachers presents will help teachers in their district to learn more efficiently. I hope their district recognizes the amazing innovative and forward thinking educators they have on staff. I also hope other districts will look to these teacher leaders for examples of how to move educators forward to meet the needs of the changing student.

If you are interested about learning more see their blog at 21st Century Collaborative

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