Friday, 30 December 2011

Writing through a Cup of Coffee: A New Year's resolution of sorts

Taking the time to write daily is the hardest part of writing. I think it's like eating your vegetables and exercising. You just have to do it. So I have to decide is writing one of those things I want to add to my list of all the things I just have to do? I think the answer is yes. Practice seems to hold true to all things we want to do well. How many different things can one practice and still lead a creative, authentic life? How do I fit one more thing in? I wonder if I could attach my daily writing to a daily habit I already have to associate the two. The daily cup of coffee? Usually, I check the news during my daily cup of coffee. So, can I just switch from the news to writing? Can it be that simple?

Here I go. . .

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Happy Kid City said...

Wonderful idea. I put a great deal of thought into my resolutions each year because I genuinely want to use them as an opportunity for true change in my life. This year I have been struggling to choose one because there are so many things that I want to improve. After reading this, it hit me. I can combine two key things that I'd like to work on. So, my resolution is to write each day, and the writing will consist of positive thoughts to help put even more of a happy spin on my life. Thanks for the tip!