Saturday, 31 December 2011

New music recommendations from my kids; who knew?

One of the best ramifications of having children is learning from them. What could be more exciting than teaching young people and then finding yourself on the other side? While many other people in their 30s (I can say that for nine more months) might be intimidated by the pace of technological development and the youth in their insatiable appetite for moving forward, I am reveling in it! My latest gift from my children this season, (wait for it) Two Door Cinema Club. One album in 2010 was released, and it's hit after hit, after hit! The best of techno, harmony in vocals, live brass, and creative electric guitar surge through the entire album. Every song wakes me up with optimistic pounding making me want to get up and dance. Thanks Jill and Maura. Turn it up!

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parkermi said...

Our kids rock! I look forward to reading more of your blogs.