Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Next Page-Turner to Rival Hunger Games

Beth Revis has done it!  The new books in the Across the Universe Series has captured my attention in the same spirit of The Hunger Games.  It's a science fiction dystopian story of struggle for Elder and Amy.  These characters work their way through the common frustrations of adolescence at the same time  solving the life and death threats on the ship Godspeed headed for a new planet.

The writing in the first of the trilogy Across the Universe pulls the reader into a fast paced, stay-up-all-night wonder of a novel.  Themes echo Lois Lowry's The Giver.  The alternating narrator format will appease both genders.  The setting of a space ship in the future will entertain and delight fans of Star Wars and Star Trek.  A Million Suns, the second book in the series is out now in hard cover.  If you can't stand waiting for the next book, I highly recommend waiting until next January of 2013.  Make plans now to clear your schedule for three solid days of reading bliss!

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