Friday, 27 January 2012

Time to think. . . What's working and what isn't?

Why is it every time I am given time to reflect and regroup I freak out?  I'm so used to reflecting and regrouping on the run in the midst of chaos, I don't really know how to embrace the idea of quiet without making my own noise in my head.  I have to fight so hard against the daily flow.  It becomes my reality I cannot escape, if even to have a complete thought.  This reality overwhelms and paralyzes me forcing me to work for an outcome, a product of the reflection.  Its ridiculous really, and completely counterintuitive to the sole purpose of reflecting.

So how do I clean this thinking up a bit?  Well, sorting out is always a good simple activity for the brain.  So why not just write down things I am doing and sort them into piles, what's working and what isn't?  It seems like a simple enough exercise.

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