Saturday, 16 June 2012

Moving Forward

It takes a while to get back into the routine that is summer.  So many people believe teachers sit around at the beach and read for three months.  And while we do take time out, like most people, for some R and R, we are thinking about teaching.

Teachers make hundreds of snap decisions every day.  Our poor families must witness our messy transition from being a professional decision maker of learning to a lay person who doesn't provide a schedule for everyone's day.

As I set a direction for thinking about teaching this summer, I am relieved to know other professionals are also using this time to reflect, wonder, and continue moving forward outside of the classroom.

 This summer I hope to start reading Pathways to the Common Core by Lucy Calkins.  From what I have heard from several other educators I respect, this will be a helpful text to provide clarity as I interpret the future outcomes in education.

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Christopher Working said...

Hopefully you will have the opportunity to "power-down" and truly read, write, and reflect. If you're lucky, maybe you can become that crazy recluse up at the cottage, you know, the one that local kids dare and double dare each other to knock on your door and then run for their lives, later telling each other the tale of the time that crazy Parker lady almost got them. That would be nice.

I look forward to continue our discussion around the _Pathways to the Common Core_ text. It will be exciting to unpack the deeper meaning behind the CCSS as well as the impact it can (and should) have upon instruction. Oh, and also enjoying Lucy's sometimes-not-so-subtle jabs at the CCSS.

Check out this blog post regarding Lucy's stance:

P.S. Your new desk is wicked awesome!