Thursday, 26 July 2012

Getting Excited About July 32

Every summer is so different. June, July, and August offer wonderful opportunities to sit back and observe people.  There is time to celebrate family.  Spending time with my three girls, watching them grow and become more independent, can only happen when I take the time to stop and reflect.  I am thankful for the time I have had with my family to renew, refresh, and rest.

August is always a challenging month for teachers. Its a joke among me and my teacher friends that August 1 should really be referred to as July 32.  Sometimes it feels like August is a month of Sunday nights.  We wait for the next day when school is going to start, nervously pacing around and driving our families crazy with our planning brains that won't quite shut down when we want them to.

This year I welcome August.  There are going to be some exciting changes coming.  After dragging my feet around the house for 8 weeks and constantly checking my email, I am delighted to announce my acceptance to the Teachers College Reading Workshop at Columbia University!  Thanks so much to all of you who have been sending good thoughts and prayers so that I may have this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity.  

As I prepare to go, I am wrapping up the summer with conversations.  All my teacher buddies and I are starting to make our lists, share our visions, ask questions, and plan for the new little kiddos we know will change our lives just as much as we change theirs.  

There will probably be a little lull on my blog next week.  Although, I will do my best to gather all the gems I can into the little lines of my notebooks. I intend to share all my enthusiasm and excitement for learning when I get back and throughout my teaching and learning school year for 2012-2013.