Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hoping for NYC in August

This year I'm turning 40.  It is not a big deal to me personally.  But, it seems to be such a big deal to everyone else.  So I'm milking it for all it is worth.  So what do you suppose most people (in my socioeconomic 1%) request for a 40th?  A trip to Hawaii.  Weekend in Chicago?  I want to go to NYC by myself to attend the Readers Workshop at Columbia Teachers College.  Surprised?  It confirms me as the ultimate teacher geek!  That's okay.  I own it.

Sadly, I am sitting watching the clock until August 6, and have yet to hear back from the people at Columbia.  I know I just need to be patient and trust.  If I'm not supposed to go, I just have to accept it.  I even tried to develop a relationship with one of the people who gives you the token waiting list email. Every time I open my email, I am desperately searching for the Columbia people in the inbox.  

I guess that is why they call it a waiting list.


b said...


I went to the reading institute at the beginning of July. I'm totally happy to share my "court-reporter-style" notes from the sessions with you. www.livewriteteach.blogspot.com

Good luck :). I hope your dreams come true in NYC :).

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I would enjoy looking over your notes. Please let me know where you have posted them, or how I could look over them.