Thursday, 27 June 2013

Learning Opportunities Abound

I guess I am headed to NYC in August after all.  I'm sure all of us know when our schedule becomes overbooked.  Upon much reflection I concluded I had too much on my plate for the summer and attending Reading Workshop at Teachers College would be too much dessert.  So when I tried to cancel, I was unable to get my money back for the flight or the conference.  I've learned a valuable lesson though.  More is not always better.  Sometimes, it's just more.  Now, the challenge is to stay positive about the impact all this travelling is going to have on me and my family.

Focus and goal setting are going to be critical during this next school year.  I'm thrilled to have my students for a second year.  Looping with students can be an amazing opportunity to change lives.  I need to remember to continue doing what I am already doing: cultivating a community of learners. I also need to remember I have been doing this for 18 years.  So why does it always feel like its my first year of teaching?  

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