Monday, 29 July 2013

Making Tracks About My Learning

As a writer, I have learned firsthand about the power of thinking more deeply through the writing process.  It makes sense then, to have our students write about their reading.  Last school year my first graders collected their thinking about their reading during workshop.  After we had explored different kinds of responses, the children gathered their tracks (sticky notes) on paper they had folded into books. 

I just finished watching the first video from the new book Connecting Comprehension and Technology by Stephanie, Harvey, Anne Goudvis, Katie Muhtaris, and Kristen Ziemke.  I was so excited to use my cool QR code reader on my phone.  Honestly, it was the ultimate "teacher nerd" experience.  The authors have created video links through QR codes on the inside cover of the book.  You can see lessons demonstrated in Kristen's first grade classroom or Katie's fifth grade classroom.

The first video was brilliant!  There are so many tracks I want to make about my learning.  Also, I am filled with questions for Kristen.  I should probably read the book first before I start tweeting her.  Seriously, the video was such an affirmation for me.  I was so nervous teaching first grade.  But her style and topic was so confirming.  I, too was spending time with my students making notes as they read.  I loved how she talked to her students.  Not only did she listen to their ideas, but also probed them for where their ideas came from and how they came to those ideas.  

It is such a difficult time of the summer for me to start thinking about the complex realities of teaching. But Kristen makes it look like so much fun.  I'm looking forward to learning more.

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