Wednesday, 7 August 2013

This Week, This month, This fall

Stacey Shubitz over at Two Writing Teachers wrote a great list. It inspired me to put down a few thoughts to help me stay focused on healthy habits.   She also set some goals: this week, this month, this fall.  As teachers we tend to become overwhelmed with our responsibilities when we prepare for another school year, rightly so, this is important, magical work we do here.

Here's my attempt at the exersise.  This is done in order to maintain other healthy habits in my life, outside of teacher, so that I may function as a normal human being in my other life spaces.

1. This week: I will work on my notes from Teachers College as a beginning of growing my thinking about response to reading and looking closely at texts.

2. This month:  I will maintain healthy habits in the area of physical health (eating, sleeping, exercise)

3. This fall:  I will bring joy!  I will plan with intention to bring joy to others at home, at work, and in my community.

As I write this, it feels HUGE!  But outside I can hear the sounds of Harlem.  There is a religious service across the street with an outstanding sound system.  I can hear the singing of people, praising and celebrating.  It seems to be cheering me on, giving me the courage I need!  I am grateful.

                                                                                   My daughter Suzy, bringing joy!

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