Monday, 3 March 2014

So Grateful for my friend

Selfless to her community
Caring for others in need
Empathetic with the suffering
Loving to her family
Forgiving of mistakes of friends
Gracious as a host
Wise about the important matters of the soul
Funny jokes and side lines crack me up
Silly to be herself
Strong through her own challenges and trials
A mentor to me
A friend


Amy Rudd said...

Glad you posted about your friend to honor her being! I have similar friends who would fit the same description. Does she know how much you value her?

wakeupandwrite said...

I love the list of qualities that begin each statement in your poem - makes for a strong portrait of your friend.

Jone said...

What a lovely tribute for your friend. Friends can be our best mentors.

Tammy Keepers said...

Your words make me feel so loved! Grateful and blessed to have you in my life, Sarah!!