Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sticking to the Routine: The SOLC

First is the honeymoon,
I'm back to writing daily,
The relief after working on a post or a piece
is priceless.

Then comes the third day.
The struggle begins.
The freshness is over.
Today is about routine.

Logging in,
Comments first.
Then to write.
But what to write?
What to write?
What to write?

I'm tired.
The cold will not let up.
There's a glass of wine
that has already been consumed.
That can't be helping.

The kids are down.
My book is waiting for me.
March is reading month
And here I sit

Where will it all go?
Out to the computer void of endless text?

This week already
I feel as though I have touched hearts
moved souls
if even for the moment of a comment.

Thanks all.

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